Saturday, December 17, 2011

How Can I Earn Big Cash Daily?

Zipnadazilch-A Closer Look
(by Team Beachbody Diamond Breaker ~ Jamie Gaymon)

What is Zipnadazilch?

"If people can’t see the writing on the wall that our current economic situation is sending jobs the way of the dinosaur, I personally believe that they should have their head and eyes examined very carefully. Companies still have work that needs to be done, for sure, but that doesn’t mean they need EMPLOYEES to do it. Outsourcing is a bad word to most people, but to the business owner, it’s sweet music to their ears. What does this have to do with zipnadazilch? Stick around for a few moments, and I’ll explain it all.

By outsourcing work to companies like zipnadazilch, companies are able to fund other areas of their businesses that sorely need it, especially in research & development. The commitment to innovation is what allows new and different opportunities for employment and/or income opportunities to arise. The KEY here, though, is that those aware of the shifts that occur must be poised to take advantage of them. And THAT’s where zipnadazilch comes in.

The simple fact of the matter is, unless you are a 100% commissioned employee with no benefit package, every dollar you’re being paid eats into the profits of a company. Your goal is to make more money. The company’s goal is to increase profits, either by generating more and bigger sales, or by cutting costs. So do you see how your goals for yourself and your family don’t align with those of your employer? But let’s get back to that 100% commissioned part, because zipnadazilch is poised to take advantage of that very fact.

Zipnadazilch is part of the evolution of the corporate structure away from traditional employees, and into a world of contractors, subcontractors and affiliate marketers and promoters. Zipnadazilch has put in place partnership agreements with well recognized companies that have one key stipulation-no one gets paid until a customer takes an agreed upon action, period.
Is Zipnadazilch a good program?

And from your perspective, you now have the opportunity to earn as much income as you want, based on your actual value to the company. With zipnadazilch, you will promote the opportunity for customers to gain free trials of products and services from companies such as DirecTV,, and many others. When customers take the free trial with Zipnadazilch, you get paid a commission of between $20-$60 per customer.

What zipnadazilch is doing isn’t anything brand new. These type of affiliate programs have been around for years, and many people have cashed in on them. What’s new is a company putting so much backing into making sure that it’s affiliates have a system to plug into that they can use to start making income today, and allowing them to plug into that system for zipnadazilch.

Most traditional affiliate programs are free to join, but you also have to put all of the work into building the websites, setting up capture pages and autoresponder emails, etc… zipnadazilch has provided ALL of that for you absolutely free as well, through free cash machine. Literally, you can have your own home business with Zipnadazilch fully operational within minutes, and be generating income today.

While we’re on the subject of income, one of the most appealing things I find about zipnadazilch is that your commissions are paid immediately, for the most part, to your Paypal account. No waiting for a weekly, biweekly or semi-monthly paycheck to get cut. For me being a network marketer, this is a great opportunity to help those who want to join my primary business opportunity, but may just not have the funds available to get started with us right away. I now have access to a solution, through zipnadazilch, that can assist them in generating cashflow to fund their main business as it gets up and running.

How Do I Get Started With Zipnadazilch

I’m not one to try and convince people to hurry up and get in to a business opportunity so that they can “lock in a spot.” Zipnadazilch is a profit generating opportunity that can help you earn additional income, and depending on how aggressive you are, replace or even exceed your full time income. So if you’re someone who is willing to commit some of your extra time to placing advertising in strategic places, then you should get started with Zipnadazilch immediately."

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